Citizens Liaison Committee

The Citizens Liaison Committee (CLC) consists of representatives from the City of Guelph and select property and business owners that will potentially be impacted by the new municipal connection road.  The purpose of the CLC is to coordinate implementation of the proposed improvements and discuss opportunities to minimize the impact of the new road between Woodland Glen Drive and Stone Road.

The CLC targeted study area was determined by the commitments for the CLC outlined in Highway 6 (Hanlon Expressway) Improvements from 0.5 kilometres south of Maltby Road to Speed River (G.W.P. 3002-05-00) Transportation Environmental Study Report (completed in June 2009); and is shown in the map below.


An introductory meeting was held on May 2, 2018 to provide an overview of the study process, present the purpose of the CLC, and seek feedback on the new municipal connection road's design, including alignment of the new road, lighting treatments, sound barriers and landscape treatments.

Project notices, including invitations to future CLC meetings will be sent to the property owners in the CLC targeted study area.

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